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Use Both Sides

I'd like to share a small taste of the USA... Holsteins, Harleys and hand crafted goodness...sun cured and home grown...bathed in the crystal waters of the untamed Americas and finally, with a dash of the cosmopolis streets for seasoning...I give you The Notorious ODin; song writer, guitar player, vocalist, producer and his latest project ”Use Both Sides” which has emerged as an energized incarnation of Sonic fire, with absolute dedication to artistry and explosively brilliant live performances. His unusual blend of heart strengthening lyrics, uplifting melodies, searing guitar riffs, tight harmonic layering and driving beat gives listeners a cerebral and physical experience that moves your soul and booty. This invigorating fusion of sound that is explosive, edgy, ambitious, yet accessible, and entirely new, is the urban-rock sound of Use Both Sides.

My friends, ignite your love, learn all you can, stay beautiful, live well & be happy.


Stokley Williams... Drums .... Mint Conidtion, A Tribe Called Quest, Wale, Karyn White, Janet Jackson, Sounds of Blackness, Brother Ali, Usher and Color Me Badd.

Michael Bland... Drums .... Prince and New Power Generation, Soul Asylum, Nick Jonas and the Administration, Madhouse, Paul Westerberg, Chaka Khan, Maxwell, Dixie Chicks, also artists such as Mandy Moore, Clay Aiken and the Backstreet Boys.

Kirk Johnson... Drums .... Prince and New Power Generation, Lorie Line, Alexander O'Neal, Billy McLaughlin, Graham Central Station and George Clinton.

Walter Powell... Drums .... Quietdrive, Baltimore and Alyssa Atherton.

Sonny Thompson... Bass.... Prince and New Power Generation, Nick Jonas & The Administration

J... Bass.... Ugly Beauty and Earthling

Lee Blasky... Keyboards.... Janet Jackson, Sounds Of Blackness, Mariah Carey, Gladys Knight, Boyz II Men, Johnny Gill, Evelyn King and Color Me Badd as well as Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Céline Dion, Mary J. Blige, Nona Gaye, The-Dream, The Boys, The Steeles, and Amy Grant.

ODin... Vocals, guitar, keyboards, writing and co-production

Ryanne Noelle... Vocals.... 7th Ascent

Mandy "Pineapple" J... Vocals.... ****

James "Fluff" Harley... Co-production.... World Record Productions

Song List:

La Flor Humeda: Drums (Stokley Williams), Bass (J), Guitar, Writer, Co-Producer (ODin), Female Vocals (Mandy J)

Brainwash: Drums (Kirk Johnson), Bass (J), Keyboards (Lee Blasky), Guitar, Male Vocals, Writer, Co-Producer (ODin), Female Vocals (Mandy J)

Shero: Drums (Michael Bland), Bass (Sonny Thompson), Keyboards (Lee Blasky), Guitar, Writer, Co-Producer (ODin), Female Vocals (Mandy J)

Nightmares: Drums (Stokley Williams), Bass (J), Guitar, Male Vocals, Writer, Co-Producer (ODin), Female Vocals (Mandy J)

Entropy: Drums (Michael Bland), Bass (Sonny Thompson), Keyboards (Lee Blasky), Guitar, Male Vocals, Writer, Co-Producer (ODin), Female Vocals (Ryanne Noelle)

Buttery Sun: Drums (Walter Powell), Bass (J), Guitar, Male Vocals, Writer, Co-Producer (ODin)

Love Spell: Drums (Stokley Williams), Bass (J), Guitar, Male Vocals, Keyboards, Writer, Co-Producer (ODin)

ODin is a happy go-lucky, hard working young fella...who's highly effective at facilitating productivity for others and himself. Although he may not be prince charming still...he's an extremely good person to have on your side. He loves building lasting relationships, sharing and exchanging energy with the universe.

ODin says: "The future comes to gather in an embrace, the present and along with it we also move forward, all is well. I shall make serious effort to unearth the treasures that I seek and to see the treasure in what is before me. Basically I'm interested in making friends and sharing groovy energy. Along with my desire to learn comes a propensity for contemplation, introspection, and observation of various types, linear, abstract, and analogous etc. As we all know there are many types of thought. Knowledge, wisdom, insight, intuition, genius and information, all of these things though different and at the same time, part of knowing are not the sum of knowing. Not to mention who can deny the beauty of a deer dappled landscape on a sunny fall afternoon where the grass is still green but the trees are not. As the universe unfolds, we all have too much to learn to quibble, but should we educate and enlighten each other when possible, perhaps the world will be a better place. Hopefully as we grow and evolve, the realization that we should look out for each other will be obvious. Creation in an of itself is truly marvelous and a joy to behold. So we shall sing friends sing, for these things too shall pass, as mountains rise and valleys fall. So to shall light and dark roil, for within the chaos of the universe, beauty and Joy is ours to find and hold "

"Also I want to thank you all so much for the love and support over the years and into the future with this new venture...... we will share some of our energy and perhaps receive some of yours....Live well, be happy!"

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